Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why You Should Join Truly Rich Club

Today I will share to you again, one of the biggest benefits of being a member of the Bo Sanchez's truly rich club.

One of the biggest advantage is the every other day email of God Whispers. God whispers is a custom made email with you name on it. For example.

Dear Jake (my name)

You should know that you are made for great things. Why? Because your Father is great. I am the maker of the universe. So know that your destiny is to reign on earth.

Your Father,

What is written above is an example of the God Whispers email. Usually in my daily life, this emails from truly rich club comes in a very timely fashion.

I believe that God is also with this program, so every time I need God's word, and I open my email I get a dose of daily inspiration from God himself, through Truly Rich Club membership of course.

If you want to learn more about the Truly Rich Club membership, please click here:TrulyRichClub.com - Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time? 

God bless you always.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Great Benefits of Being a TrulyRichClub Member

I believe one of the biggest things that Truly Rich club can help us really in changing our mindset.

Ever since, I started joining Bro Bo's truly Rich club, it really started with overhauling my mind. Since I came from a family of employees, I was always trap in a mindset of working and especially spending my entire salary for the period (every 15th and 30th).

It has always been my struggle to save money, not because I had many payables but because I did not have the discipline to save money.

But ever since I started with Truly Rich Club, I have already started with my savings program in the stock market and as well as I have now become a full-time entrepreneur.

One of the basic concepts that I really learned from Truly Rich club is to really discipline yourself and have the 10-20-70 percent in managing your money.

Which corresponds with having 10% of your income and give it as tithes. 20% as your savings, and 70% as your allowable or spendable income.

So now that I have been with the Truly Rich club for 3 years now, my savings in the stock market has dramatically grown and multiplied.

If you want to learn more of Truly Rich Club, please click this link - TrulyRichClub.com - Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Start Becoming Wealthy By Using Dream Boards

So we are back again to our formal topic in Truly Rich Club Cebu.

Last time we talk about how to make your dreams in line with God’s dreams, so now we will tackle on how to use them.

First thing to is to make a Dream Board. A Dream Board, What’s that?

A Dream  Board is a collage of pictures of your dreams. So what you do is go unto your attic or storage room and look for magazines, and cut out pictures of the dreams that you want. Or if better yet, go online in Google. Search for pictures there.

For example if you’re dreaming of a luxury home in a suburban area, search in Google “luxury home in suburban”. In the upper left side of Google there are options that you can choose. Choose the IMAGES option. Then, look for the kind of home there.

After getting all the pictures, print it all. Then cut it out to its maximum size. Buy a cardboard, then paste all the pictures of your dreams there. And viola, you already have for yourself your own Dream Board.

If you know Adobe Photoshop it is actually easier. You can just download all the pictures and edit it on Photoshop. Print it out on any print shop that’s near your home. Then have it frame.

After framing it, hang it on your wall where you can see it everyday. Put it somewhere that when you wake up, your dream board is right of you. So even before you start your day, you area already reminded of your dreams.

On our next post, we will discuss on how to empower yourself by using your Dream Board.

To your success and to becoming Truly Rich.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Daily Truly Rich Club Strategies

Before we continue with our Truly Rich club topics one of the daily habits that I do which having declarations.

What are declarations?

Declarations are for me similar to affirmations. The only difference is that affirmations are more specific and focus on to you. It speaks of what you really want to be known or seen about.

So what I want to share to you is the Feast Declarations that we do on our weekly gathering in our community, Light of Jesus Cebu. So here are the declarations:

I am God’s Beloved and it is His great happiness to bless me.
God’s river of blessings is flowing to me and every single moment of my life.
Everything I need comes to me.
I can achieve anything I put my mind unto.
I am a child of God.
I am a friend of God.
I am a champion of God.

See how powerful these declarations are? It can change you from a state of sadness into a state of empowerment and full belief in yourself and our God that created us.

So go ahead and use these declarations. You can even add some of your own declarations to it. What’s important is you say it everyday. In fact when I started doing my declarations, I did it twice a day.

To your success and to becoming truly rich.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Make Your Dreams in line with God's Dreams

In today’s true wealth secret we will expand on the issue of dreams. Based on our discussion about dreams, there are two types of dreams. And today I will teach you how to write down the dreams that is True and Strong.

So here are a few guidelines in writing your dreams:

1. Your dreams should be MEASURABLE
Don’t just write, “Have a happy family”. Write instead, “Have a happy family by having separate weekly dates with my spouse and each child starting August 2011.”

2. Your dreams should be AMBITIOUS
We use “ambition” without its negative meaning. By “ambition” we simply mean dreaming big dreams! Small dreams won’t excite you. But even f they’re ambitious, let your dreams be attainable at the same time.

3. Your dreams should be GODLY
Never dream from greed or selfish ego. They will make you empty and miserable. Instead, discover the dreams that God has placed in your heart. The fulfillment of these dreams should ultimately help you love God and others more.

4. Your dreams should be IMAGINATIVE
Put details in your dreams. Make it as graphic as possible. Add colors, smell, taste, and feeling of touch. Describe exactly what you want.

5. Your dreams should be COMPLETE
Have dreams that touch the most important aspects of your life: Spiritual, Family, Financial, Physical. By succeeding in all areas you attain Life Balance.

So that’s secret number 2, dreams. Next time, I will you how to achieve true wealth by using the dreams that you wrote.